Veth Propulsion Thrusters

Importer of Veth Propulsion

Marine Parts & Propulsion is an importer of Veth Propulsion. The company is an international and customer-oriented manufacturer of innovative marine propulsion systems for both offshore- and inland vessels.

Veth Propulsion has delivered thrusters in Norway since the 1990s and has many satisfied customers. With a strong focus on innovation and service, Veth can tailor solutions to your needs.

Quality, innovation, service & sustainability

Veth Propulsion is the thruster manufacturer that has been responsible for quality, service, innovation and sustainability for decades. This family company, established in Papendrecht in the Netherlands in 1951, supplies a wide range of products developed by their own engineering department and produced in their own workshops.

As of July 2018, Veth Propulsion became a part of the Twin Disc Group – a renowned international brand. The acquisition will contribute to increasing the global distributor network, as well as ensuring continuity.



In-house assembly, testing and development



Flexible, proactive and fast, 24/7



Always looking for new and custom solutions



Corporate social responsibility as a core value

“Innovation and development are part of our DNA”

Bow Thrusters

Veth Propulsion develops and produces various types of bow thrusters, including conventional tunnel thrusters, the well-known channel bow thrusters, Veth Compact-Jets and Steering Grids. The thrusters are versatile and can be used for steering, emergency propulsion, and even for primary propulsion and navigation.

Rudder Propellers

Veth Propulsion develops and produces various types of rudder propellers. The type of rudder propeller that best suits your needs depends on factors such as the type of vessel you have and any other requirements you may have. We can deliver both diesel, diesel-electric, hydraulic and hybrid rudder propellers. In collaboration with Veth Propulsion, we can also tailor solutions to your needs.


Veth Propulsion has a comprehensive portfolio with many satisfied customers. Over the last few decades, they have delivered over 3,000 thrusters worldwide to various sectors and customer groups. They have delivered thrusters to Norway since the 1990s and have gained great expertise and knowledge about the Norwegian market. Here is a small selection of satisfied customers:

EA Luma
2 Veth Compact Jets, bow thrusters, type CJ-1000V (250 kW/1500 rpm)
1 Veth Tunnel Thruster, bow thruster, type VT-80 (75 kw/1800 rpm)
Utne Ferry
2 Veth Z-drives (counter rotating), rudder propellers, type VZ-700-CR (440 kW/1800 rpm)
Årdal Ferry
2 counter rotating Veth Z-Drives, rudder propellers, type VZ-800-CR (800 kW/1800 rpm)
2 Veth Z-drives, rudder propellers, type VZ-550 (350 kW/1800 rpm), provided with trolling
2 Veth Compact Jets, bow thrusters, type CJ-1000 (200 kW/1800 rpm)
Lilly Johanne
1 retractable Veth Tunnel Thruster, type VLT-550 (400 kW / 1500 rpm)

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