Marine Parts & Propulsion AS

Spare parts, equipment & service for marine, offshore, fisheries & industry

Marine Parts & Propulsion AS

Spare parts, equipment & service for marine, offshore, fisheries & industry

Service, inspection & maintenance

Marine Parts & Propulsion offers inspection, service, repair, maintenance, overhaul, upgrading and modifications of various types of vessels, filters, engines and other equipment.

Our mechanics and service engineers have extensive experience in the industry and can offer a range of services and follow-up within service agreements. This includes customized advice from our mechanics and service personnel who understand and adapts to your needs.

Responsiveness, Quality & Service

Feedback, quality & service is at the top of our agenda. We aim to serve our customers in a quick, efficient and affordable way.

MPNP Brochure 2022
Read more about the products and services we offer.
We have made a simple overview over most of the products and services we can offer our customers in this 2022 brochure edition.

Products & services

Marine Parts & Propulsion specializes in the delivery of parts, filters and other equipment from most engine and equipment manufacturers.

We have a wide range of services and mechanics with extensive experience and knowledge of engines from Detroit, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, Cummins and more.

Marine Parts & Propulsion is an importer of Veth Propulsion. The company is an international and customer-oriented manufacturer of innovative marine propulsion systems for both offshore- and inland vessels.

Together with De Ruyter Dieselteknik B.V. In the Netherlands, we build complete generator sets with capacity up to 2000 kWe. Instead of just offering standard generatorsets, we tailor the product.

We are importers of Emigreen BV and can offer solutions and installation of SCR in both new and old vessels. The company is innovators in diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

Does your company see opportunities to save fuel? A replacement for hybrid or electric propulsion can save your company up to 20-25% fuel.

Environmentally friendly solutions

Marine Parts & Propulsion is an importer of Emigreen in Norway and Scandinavia. Emigreen is one of the leading innovators in integrated emission solutions and after-treatment of exhaust (SCR and DPF).

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