Ingersoll Rand Engine Starters

Importer of Ingersoll Rand

Marine Parts & Propulsion is an importer of air starters from Ingersoll Rand. For more than 100 years, professionals have relied on the manufacturer for quality and performance on the toughest jobs. Their advanced engineering and manufacturing have a standard of excellence often copied, but never matched.

Ingersoll Rand Air Starters are perfect for a wide range of industrial, marine and automotive applications and are suitable for most engine types: Detroit, Caterpillar, Cummins, Volvo, MAN, and more.

A safe and reliable alternative

Air starters provide a safe and reliable alternative for the starting of diesel & gas engines. Unlike electric starters which potentially create sparks and require expensive and sometimes unreliable batteries, air starters are powered by compressed air providing a totally safe and reliable energy source while completely eliminating all possibilities of electrical spark ignition.


Air Starters

150BM Series Air Starters
SS100 Small Engine Air Starter
SS350 Series Air Starters
SS800 Series Air Starters
ST1000 Series Air Starters
ST150 Series Air Starters
ST400 Series Air Starters
ST500 Series Air Starters
ST600 Series Air Starters
ST700 Series Air Starters
ST900 Series Air Starters
TS Series Air Starters

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