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Marine Parts & Propulsion specializes in spare parts, equipment & service for marine, offshore, fishieries & industry for companies inland, abroad & offshore. 

Long time working and experienced colleagues

As part of our services, we offer inspection, service, repair, maintenance, overhaul, upgrading and modifications of various types of vessels, filter, engines and other equipment.


Many of our mechanics and service technicians have over 30 years experience in the industry, and can offer a range of services and follow-up within service agreements. This includes tailored advice from our mechanics and service personnel who understand and meets our customers requirements.  

Service, reparasjon, overhaling
Service, reparasjon, overhaling

Assignments inland, abroad & offshore.

We carry out travel assignments both inland, abroad, offshore, vessels, farming, land-based facilities and industry. We have entered into cooperation with local companies along the entire Norwegian coast, which means that we can offer service on their equipment at all times throughout the country. 

Our offices

Our offices


Hafstadvegen 24, 6800 Førde


Stamsneset 100 A, 5252 Søreidgrenda


Nordeide 202, 5392 Storebø


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