Hybrid Solutions

Efficiency makes the difference!

Does your company see opportunities to save fuel? A replacement for hybrid or electric propulsion can save your company up to 20-25% fuel.

A motor delivers maximum performance just at a specific rotational speed. Any deviations from this speed will reduce efficiency.

A hybrid or electric propulsion will use power in another way, which always optimizes engine operation to maximum rpm. Hybrid propulsion keeps the engine running at the specified speed of maximum performance.

Why choose hybrid?

  • Reduces fuel consumption, sometimes as much as 25 percent.
  • Make progress future proof, complies with the new CCR rules in 2016.
  • Reduces emissions, which can lead to a reduction of port charges.
  • Maintenance saving on a diesel engine.

Collaboration with Hybrid Ship Propulsion

Marine Parts & Propulsion AS is an importer of Hybrid Ship Propulsion in Scandinavia. Hybrid Ship propulsion is a market leader in hybrid electrical propulsion. In collaboration with them, we offer tailor made solutions that are perfect for your ship and your operating method.

Would you like more information about our hybrid solutions?

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